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WzIVOreebok台灣 5Pt0 rPI

adidas官方網站,Chu Xiang Song, who sent away the peace of mind to return to base, when the Terminator started out. On the road Chu Xiang met several Terminator forces. His body with a small number of acetic acid bombs, coupled with time constraints Chu Xiang are all a little while. Terminator but refused to let him, with the hot pursuit behind. Chu Xiang first went to Ho Yiu-fai installation of the nuclear bomb, but fortunately out of chaos into one, the Terminator destroyed the detonation device did not have time to deal with this nuclear bomb, Chu Xiang will find it smooth, detonated part of everything for two In the middle there is a black and a white two lines, Chu Xiang with the bones of the two lines of insulation will be recorded, as long as one of the two lines, Short-circuit will explode, this time he hesitated.
adidas boost,Although Chu Xiang's body has evolved to be very tough. But with the destruction of Earth-class weapons than to Chu Xiang did not grasp. Call, the Terminator finally rushed over, they do not know what the World Union want to do. But Chu Xiang is the nuclear bomb, that stuff if the explosion, the two bases are definitely a disaster, so the Terminator moved a crazy attack, they do not order to Chu Xiang hard flapping. Originally, Chu Xiang's two fingers as long as to touch together, then the whole world on the quiet, and Chu Xiang will be willing to be so killed together.
Adidas貝殼頭,The nuclear bomb is the US goods, although the micro-warhead but the equivalent should not be low, if the simple from the analysis, the energy into the value of attack, Chu Xiang feel still have to grasp, but the middle of a nuclear bomb explosion too Many of the unstable factors, so Chu Xiang be careful as. He decided to use five-color liquid and deformation and control of water and other skills to create a delay contact device. But before that he must eliminate the terminator. Chu Xiang put down the bomb and the Terminator war things together, he also began the upper hand, the Terminator heavy casualties, but with more Terminator to join the battle group, Chu Xiang suddenly regret it had not detonated a nuclear bomb, and And now he has been Terminator hold, no time to take into account the nuclear bomb thing, or even watched the two Terminator will be carried away by nuclear bombs, how to deal with nuclear bombs on the end seems to be a trouble thing, so they are Only intend to move away from the scene.


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